Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ergonomics I


Workplace A is more messy and cramped than the Workplace B, Workplace A is uncomfortable and is workplace is very complicated. Workplace B is more spacious and organised.

Workplace A has difficulties getting the right view for his computer as he has problems achieving the correct height and depth. Workplace B has a computer arm which allows him to adjust his computer monitor to a position which is comfortable for the user

Workplace A has lights that are either too dark or too bright and his eyes were straining themselves. Workplace B has a light that is only pointing in one direction and can be adjusted to point at a certain object at a time.

Workplace A has a chair which limits the man's every move, even drinking a cup of coffee poses
difficulties to the user. Workplace B has a chair with a relaxing head rest and a arm rest which can
be adjusted to different heights to fit the user's needs

Workplace A has difficulties with his posture when he is exposed to prolonged use of the laptop.
He can not achieve a comfortable view of his laptop and needs to constantly change his posture.
Workplace B has a laptop holder which enables to hold the laptop screen at an angle so that it resembles that of a desktop computer.

Workplace A has very little free space on the desk, his keyboard and desktop computertake up half his desktop, leaving him limited space of his other items , Workplace B has an extendable platform for his keyboard, his computer and documents are also arranged and placed on sliding panels on a vertical wall


Workplace B. I has ample space and is very comfortable and can be adjusted to the user's desire
instead of the cramped and messy Workplace A in which the user has to adjust him or herself to suit the workplace


1.Comfort and simplicity
2.Height and depth
4.Movement restriction
5.The posture after being exposed to prolonged use of laptop
6.Deskspace available at any time


It will determine what cumstomers think of the product and whether it is worth buying

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